About The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez

The most essential information you need to know about the Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez is that we are here and available to evaluate your legal matter in San Antonio or elsewhere in Texas. If you work with the Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez, you will be kept up-to-date, well-informed and well prepared to make decisions in your own best interests.

We are ready to work hard in your defense after you have been charged with a crime such as a:

  • Drug crime — possession or distribution of marijuana or any controlled substance
  • Violent crime — assault, domestic violence or sexual assault, for example
  • White collar crime — fraud, credit card theft or money laundering, to name a few

An Attorney To Fight For You

The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez is prepared to fight for your freedom and your future after an arrest or criminal charges. When you bring your legal matter to our attention, we will take the time and thought necessary to ensure that the lawyer most suitable for your case is in charge. However, you will have access to the knowledge and experience that each of us brings to the table.

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We are eager to hear about your concerns. We can start right away designing a course of action aimed at keeping you out of jail, preventing a criminal record and otherwise mitigating the impact of a criminal arrest or contract dispute on your future. Call 210-899-4588 or email us to schedule a meeting with Dante Dominguez or Christopher L. Griffith at your earliest convenience.