The Law Office Of Dante Eli Dominguez Skillfully Handles Appeals And Writs

When we are presented with a criminal conviction for appeal, we evaluate everything regarding the trial leading to that verdict. We gauge every detail of the case to verify it was carried out according to the law. We apply the same detailed scrutiny to prepare for an appeal as we do to prepare for a brand-new defense case.

From Guilty To Innocent - When We Take Your Case For Appeal

Our investigation and review is relentless when we prepare to appeal a guilty verdict. Our determined work ethic is a strong asset as we look for reason to doubt the legality of court proceedings. Time and again, The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez has uncovered unacceptable elements in a trial leading to a harsh verdict.

The Best Opportunity For A Fresh Start - A Writ Of Habeas Corpus

There is still hope even if an appeal is unsuccessful in your case. We are prepared to overturn every stone in search of justification to file a writ of habeas corpus. We may uncover new evidence such as a witness's recanting of a testimony or new biological evidence. We are prepared to file a writ of habeas corpus with the goal of overturning a felony conviction if we discover a suspect's constitutional rights were violated during a previous trial.

There Is Hope - Exhaust All Avenues Of Relief

The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez can offer the ray of hope you are seeking. We stand by the value of hard work and determination to protect our clients' rights. Call us for a complimentary consultation 210-899-4588.