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Criminal charges can be overwhelming. A simple conviction can put you behind bars and leave you with a life-long damaging criminal record. It is worth doing everything within your power to build a successful defense. While attempting to defend yourself can leave you vulnerable to prosecution, a skilled lawyer can alleviate your concern. A favorable outcome such as dismissal, reduction of charges or acquittal is greatly increased when you have an experienced counsel fighting for you.

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Criminal law is what we do at The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez. We answer essential questions such as: What are possible rewards of a particular course of action? What are the risks? What actions can you take to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome? We evaluate all aspects during every phase of your criminal case.

When Immigration Status Or A Family Law Matter Is A Factor

The big picture is an essential framework in all our criminal defense matters. This includes a close look at all aspects of an accused individual's personal circumstances. If there is a risk of deportation or possible impact on a child custody case, we will seek the advice of learned counsel to address that particular aspect of your case. We take immigration status and family law issues into consideration along with all other relevant factors as we inform clients of the likely results of a particular plea.

Post-Conviction Relief

When we say we work all phases of criminal cases, this includes skillful post-conviction work, including expungements, appeals and writs of habeas corpus.

The Bottom Line In Criminal Law At The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez: We Are Here To Protect Your Rights

Our clients' short-term and long-term well-being is at the center of all our advocacy as criminal defense attorneys. We do not go into a case ready to concede anything. At The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez, winning is always the goal. Learn what a win might look like in your case by calling us in San Antonio, Texas, at 210-899-4588 or sending an email inquiry through this website.