Under Investigation On Suspicion Of A White Collar Crime? Arrested? Charged?

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The terms "white collar crime" refers to crimes involving issues such as fraud and illegal financial transactions. White collar crimes often take place in professional settings, in nonprofit organizations, and in the course of commercial transactions. Common white collar crimes include:

It is common for police and prosecutors to "stack" criminal charges. Stacking of charges means that a suspect may be accused of fraud or credit card theft in addition to other types of crimes, such as drug distribution for compensation. Since the buying and selling of illegal drugs is a criminal offense, disposition of the proceeds may meet the definition of money laundering as the seller finds ways to camouflage the financial evidence related to purchase and sales.

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If you have been charged with a financial crime in Texas, your defense may require in-depth scrutiny of complex financial instruments and transactions. As a hardworking, determined defense attorney, I'm prepared to carry out a detailed investigation and hold the prosecutor's "feet to the fire." We stand firm in defense of each person we represent. We demand conclusive evidence proving our clients' guilt, which is something many law enforcement agents and prosecutors simply cannot produce.

We are ready to examine all aspects of your Texas white collar crime case and work closely with you to devise an effective defense. If you are under suspicion but have not been charged yet, this is the ideal time for a lawyer to come on board. Call 210-899-4588 or inquire through this website.