San Antonio Lawyer Defending People Charged With Money Laundering Crimes

Today's forms of money laundering are much more complex than in previous generations when cash and valuables such as gold were the most common forms of exchange. Today, more and more financial transactions take place entirely electronically, through online banking, credit card transactions and even Bitcoins and alternative valuable assets, such as online gaming assets.

In previous generations, money laundering might have consisted of buying and selling works of art in order get rid of currency with certain serial numbers. Sending money to foreign banks was another common way to hide the transfer of wealth. Today, money launderers often get very creative with electronic fund transfers that make law enforcement agents' jobs more difficult than ever.

Your Money Laundering Charges Are Unique And The Same Should Be True Of Your Defense Strategy

No matter how police, investigators or a prosecutor describes your alleged money laundering activities, the most essential element of a successful defense is a determined, hardworking defense attorney who has proven his or her ability to do what it takes to protect the rights of the accused. At The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez in San Antonio, Texas, we have consistently demonstrated our perseverance and attention to detail. We leave no stone unturned as we implement defense strategies that do the job for which we have been hired.

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