Get your case in motion –
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Get your case in motion –
call today: 210-899-4588

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The Law Office Of Dante Eli Dominguez – Our Philosophy

The value of hard work and determination are the most fundamental tenets of our philosophy.

We Consistently Deliver A Tough Defense

The Law Office of Dante Eli Dominguez rises above and beyond to deliver on that promise. We investigate cases in-depth, scrutinizing every detail which may provide the key to a successful outcome. We fight every issue on every case. We concede nothing to local, state or federal government prosecutors or law enforcement investigators.

We Focus On You

We are readily available to you. We consider effective legal representation to be a result of a close partnership between a client and their attorney. We keep you updated at every juncture throughout your case. We prepare you to make the most informed decision – accept a plea bargain or go to trial.

We Fight To Win

We relentlessly fight for a case dismissal every time. We are primed to do everything in our power to keep you out of jail or prison, with a clean record in tact.

We Are Thorough In Our Investigation

Our office brings an experienced perspective to your case. We bring the knowledge and expertise to unlock hidden truths pertinent to your defense.

We Welcome Inquiries

We understand the importance to ensure a solid client/attorney rapport. We also realize the hesitancy you may feel before calling a defense attorney. We can assure you will be greeted with a compassionate team ready to listen to and support your side of the story. Call us at 210-899-4588 or email us to set up your initial complimentary consultation.

Criminal Defense

Enlist our advocacy — Drug Crimes Assault Crimes White Collar Crimes

Appeals and Writs

Appeal your case outcome; seek relief from a felony judgment.

If You've Been Charged With A Crime

Take action now to maximize your chances of a good outcome.